WiFi that actually works.

Certified, Optimized, Secure.

Your WiFi network, designed with solid methodologies, proven tools and our unique expertise.

Seamless WiFi, Guaranteed

You don't drive your business on guesswork? We don't either.

You're designing your new office, warehouse, or planning for a big event? It's the right time to contact us. 

Working closely with your team, we'll ensure that your WiFi meets or exceeds your requirements.

You already have a WiFi network but are plagued with slow-downs and disconnections? Our advanced service of WiFi survey in China process pinpoints exactly where and why things go wrong.

Further on, our "AP-on-a-stick" approach let us simulate in real conditions a new architecture, that is guaranteed to work.


And as you expect: on timeon budget and quality certified.

Planning and (re)Design

Plan for coverage and capacity.

We provide detailed simulations (predictive, "AP-on-a-stick") before any physical implementation. We can cover multi-storey ("3D") setups.

Access Points placement, Guest Separation, network configuration, security schemes - all based on your needs.

Rely on our proven, science-based WiFi planning approach.

100% Ekahau® Certified.


Installation services

Planning, purchasing, cabling, installation, setup, testing and certification: no worries, we got it for you.


With over 100 companies served in the last 15 years: just relax, we take care of the rest.

WiFi Survey in China & Asia

We identify existing or potential issues... and their root causes.

  • Excessive interferences from your equipment... or your neighbours'
  • Misconfiguration, sub-optimal channel selection, insufficient AP capacity, coverage holes, etc.
  • Missing security settings, rogue access points...

All our surveys are Ekahau® Certified.


Improperly configured, WiFi networks are prone to eavesdropping or "man-in-the-middle" attacks.

IEEE's WPA3 standard is ready and being deployed in new hardware solutions.

Are you ready?

Questions? We answer.

Can you help setup my WiFi network?

Yes! We provide full service from planning to validation testing.

We can provide the design, workforce, equipment and experts to make your new WiFi network a turn-key experience.

Design and planning

Site survey and validation testing

Cabling, WiFi and network equipment

All delivered, fully installed, configured and tested

We need a WiFi survey to fix some issues.

Can you help?

Yes! We can improve existing installations

Your current infrastructure might be lacking. Insufficient capacity, interferences, misconfiguration...

You have unanswered concerns about security. Your WiFi worked an hour ago, but not anymore right when you have this critical video-conference with a customer. Sounds familiar?

We survey your site to identify existing or potential issues

WiFi analysis: heatmaps for SNR, data rate, 2.4/5GHz...

Spectrum: utilisation, interferences, channel power

Security concerns: configuration, rogue AP detection

We want to offer internet access to our guests, securely.

No problem!

We can, and recommend to, isolate your guests from your corporate network, and even from each other.

For extra security and traceability, we can also limit access to authentified guests, using a portal with your branding and graphic charter.

Guest registration solutions with branding

Traffic control and bandwidth limitation to avoid abuse

Solutions for High Density Events and Conventions

Indoor and Outdoor environments

But we're not in Shanghai or Guangzhou...

That's OK! We do installations all over Asia

While our offices are in Shanghai and Guangzhou, we can provide installations anywhere in China. We have partners in Beijing and Hong Kong, and can fly elsewhere if needed.

We currently did projects in Chengdu, Nanjing, Tianjin, Dalian, Laibin, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and of course Shanghai and Guangzhou

We cover China, SouthEast Asia, West and Central Europe

Wide network of partners, worldwide

Transportation and accommodation charged at cost

High flexibility and availability

Have any questions?

+86 21 6360 9005

Open Mon - Fri

09:00 - 18:00 (CST / UTC+8:00)

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