Install A Stable Network

For Office and Factory

Different businesses, different needs, one same reliability, with NETK5

How we can help you get the perfect Network.

You're setting up a new Office, a new warehouse or production plant. You need a fast, stable network, good WiFi coverageCCTV surveillance and a Door Access Control system. 

We have been deploying such projects for 100+ companies along the years, and know how to get it done on timeon budget, and quality certified.


Wi-Fi Coverage & Security

We define Access Point placement for maximum coverage and bandwidth. Guest separation, authentication and security schemes, depending on your requirements.

All our Wi-Fi jobs are Ekahau® certified. 

IT Room Overhaul

We know; your company focuses on growing its business, things change fast, and who has time to tame the cable jungle?

But now, the cost of delayed maintenance gets heavy. It's hard to track down issues, difficult to add equipment, you just need order.

We get it, you're not alone, and we can help. 

Copper cabling and Fiber

From office environments to High-Interference production plants, we design clean, optimized solutions for stable connectivity.

All our cabling jobs are Fluke® certified.

CCTV & Door Access Control

Your network isn't just computers. Physical security is just as important as Digital, and you need to control access to your premises.

We help you define your needs in terms of coverage, data retention, access control, attendance recording. 


Questions? We answer.

Can you help setup my Office?

Yes! We provide full service from cabling to servers

From defining the best cabling layout to actually installing everything, we got your back. 

We can provide the design, the workforce, the equipment and the experts to make your new IT a turn-key experience 

Cabling, Wi-Fi and network equipment

Servers, UPS and backup solutions

Workstations, laptops and software

All delivered, fully installed and configured

Our IT Room is a mess. Can you help?

Yes! We can improve existing installations

Your current infrastructure might be lacking. Cables everywhere, no labels, no certification of the cabling... 

Your IT staff try to change something, and disconnects half the network by pulling the wrong cable... Sounds familiar?

We identify and label every cable, at both ends

We certify each cable (Fluke test) and replace if needed

We re-organize all patch cords neatly and properly

We document everything for you

We need a new server, virtualized

No problem! We can handle most systems

Whether you need a bare-metal server or a virtual host and machines, we can help. We have extensive experience with major systems like VMWare, Xen and Hyper-V.

As for the systems themselves, Windows or Linux are covered. we currently manage over a hundred servers, virtual or not, on either OS.

VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen virtualization solutions

Physical to Virtual migration (P2V)

Snapshots and VM backup and recovery solutions

Constant monitoring with PRTG 

But we're not in Shanghai or Guangzhou...

That's OK! We do installations all over Asia

While our offices are in Shanghai and Guangzhou, we can provide installations anywhere in China. We have partners in Beijing and Hong Kong, and can fly elsewhere if needed.

We currently did projects in Chengdu, Nanjing, Tianjin, Dalian, Laibin, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and of course Shanghai and Guangzhou

We cover China, South-East Asia, West and Central Europe

Wide network of partners, worldwide

Transportation and accommodation charged at cost

High flexibility and availability

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Plenty of Ways to Reach Us.

Our headquarters are based in the Heart of Shanghai, near People Square.

Shanghai, China

1378 Lu Jia Bang Road, 

Metro Line 8 & 9

+86 (21) 6135 24459

Tell Us What You Need.

Plenty of Ways to Reach Us.

Our headquarters are based in the Heart of Shanghai, near People Square.

Shanghai, China

1378 Lu Jia Bang Road, 

Metro Line 8 & 9

+86 (21) 6135 24459