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What is a Wireless Site Survey?

During a wireless Site Survey, we use the best tool in the industry to plan, measure and optimize your WiFi networks: Ekahau Site Survey.

We help design for the best signal strength and hotspot settings for your company. Our team has been in the WiFi industry for over ten years and we work closely with our partners to provide top-of-the-line products, services, and solutions.

NETK5's WiFi survey will help you find out how good your wireless coverage currently is, and where your weak spots are. We'll take a look at all your wireless devices, and we'll measure how strong the signal is and how fast the internet is. We'll also be able to update your access points with a new configuration or installation for perfect coverage and speed.


One Survey for every need

Predictive Design

Starting from scratch? It's the perfect time to design your WiFi just right. From your layout map, we draw every wall and simulate the signal based on profiles fromn the APs you will use.

AP-on-a-Stick Survey

We got the simulation pat down, and everything look great on paper. But can we make sure without actually pulling cables and configuring access points? You bet we can!

Passive Site Survey

Your WiFi is spotty?

Users complain about slowness, disconnections, or some areas without any signal at all?

Let's map it all and see where the problem is, then fix it.

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We are available all over China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

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