Portable Base Station

Get Internet Anywhere

5G Technology

Get 100Mbps per Base Station and up to 1000Mbps with multiple Stations. Use 1 Base Station for 500m2 and 150 users.

Rapid Deployment

No need to pull cable or apply for a telecom line: we can deploy the solution in as little as 2 hours. Get your own internet, under your control, anywhere.

Stable and Secure

With exclusive VIP multi-operator access, we guarantee fast access to all Chinese networks. Security and QoS is provided by included firewall to protect all your assets.

Internet Base Station

Get Internet Anywhere, for events, concerts, seminars, indoors or outdoors.

Our Solutions

One solution for your WiFi or Video Broadcasts


Dedicated to provide WiFi access, the Internet Base Station IBS1150 offers High Speed Internet Access through 4.5G technology.

With multi-channel load balancing, we ensure that you'll be always online.

Base Station

Made for Video Broadcasts, VBC2120 also includes dedicated encoder, real-time fine tuning, intelligent routing needed for high quality live broadcasts.

Get your event on air, anytime, anywhere.


The VCS2160 is built mainly for venues that need to broadcast Wireless video streams to console computers, large screen systems or other video media.

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