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NETK5 - Your IT Team
We help companies to Control, Improve and Grow their IT Infrastructure
Since 2002, we Install and Maintain
IT Parks for International Groups
Offices, Factories, Point of Sales, all businesses rely on properly managed IT

What makes us better?

Extensive Experience
15+ years in China, serving long established groups needing an overhaul,or fresh start-ups wanting to do things right from the start.

Advanced Technology
We're operational for the newest Enterprise Technologies. Virtualization, VoIP and Video Conferencing, Internet Acceleration, Advanced Monitoring... We're good to go!

Industry Best Practices adapted to the reality of China.
Proper documentation that gives you control, even from abroad.

Customer Care
We're passionate about machines, but we know the user is at the heart of our work. Our responsive Customer Care is available in English, Chinese and French and follows our SLAs.

Battle-tested suppliers and vendors that we hand-picked and have long-term relationship. You'll never be let down in the middle of a crisis!

Trusted Everywhere
Our long-standing history proved our reliability to Fortune 500 Groups, security sensitive companies such as Law Firms and Governments, and a wide range of Industries.

Our Services

IT Maintenance
We help your company Control, Improve and Grow your IT park. Responsive English and Chinese Hotline, Remote and On-Site Assistance...
We got your back!
Projects & Installations
Getting a new office? Relocating to a new factory? Or you'd just like your IT Room to be less of a cabling jungle?
We can help.
Web & Servers Hosting
From your presentation website to your corporate applications, ERP, CRM or just properly working e-mails, we have a rock solid, fast infrastructure.
All with our responsive support.

Our Partners

Our software partners
Our hardware partners
Specialized Partners
Software & Licenses
We offer a one-stop solution for all your software and licensing issues

We are official partners of Microsoft, BitDefender, and can provide licenses from most other vendors.
Hardware & Equipment
Official partners of DELL, Lenovo and HP, we can cover your needs from laptop to server and backups.

Telephony, NAS, network equipment, we got you covered.
Specialized Solutions
While we do not provide software development, we partner with the best developers.
Sekkei Studio, Sage ERP, NextInside, Monitor ERP will help you build your Web presence or organize your company.

Internet Acceleration Solution

Slow International Internet is a major pain to any company.
We were in the same boat.
Now, we have a new technology.
We implemented it for us, and it changed our life.
Contact us, and we'll help you work just like home.
International internet

Other Services

server maintenance
IT Audit and Assets Management
We can restore data from crashed hard disks, USB keys, servers...
Servers Maintenance
You already host your servers somewhere but you need system maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and reliable backups?
No problem! We maintain servers anywhere.
Assets & Security Audit
You're the IT abroad, and you have no idea what's going on in China, what licenses, what topology...
We'll be your eyes in China, and tell you exactly what you're facing.
Data Recovery
Accidents happen. Usually at the worst of times. Undelete files, or even full-disk white-room recovery, chances are that all is not lost.
Don't touch anything and contact us now.

Get Proper IT Service
Ad-Hoc IT Service in China is not a fatality. You don't have to put up with mediocre service, ever-changing technicians, and zero communication. Finally get a real partner who will help you get a sane infrastructure.

Talk to Us
We're easy to contact and always happy to take the time to discuss your needs and see what we can do. We understand your needs, and can communicate in English, in Chinese, even in French!

Feel at home
We're a small company, but we're present in Shanghai, in Beijing, in Guangzhou and even in Hong Kong. We regularly do projects all over China. Wherever you are, contact us, we'll find a way to help.

What our users say about us

After 2 years working with NETK5 to manage IT at Groupe Casino, I went on as the General Manager of Wesder Asia. I needed as reliable an IT system as ever, and who better than this human sized, dedicated team could provide both expertise and customer care?
Jean-Laurent PicardGeneral Manager / Wesder Asia
We encountered NETK5 when needing an emergency recovery of our server, that crashed after a misconfiguration by our previous IT. All our Executives database was restored, and we asked NETK5 to run our whole IT for us. We haven't looked back ever since.
Nicolas MilonasFounder / Acropolis Associates

Get back in Control of your IT!

Your whole business depends on your PCs, e-mail, ERP...
Don't stay in the dark about a critical part of your company. IT is everywhere, in Production, Sales, Accounting, Management...
Get a real partner who understands you and give you the right feedback to make sound decisions and focus on what you do best: grow your business.
Get In Control, Improve your processes, Grow your business!
  • 15+ years of experience in China
  • Understands the business needs of International Companies
  • ITIL-based procedures and documentation
  • Present in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong-Kong

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