NETK5, Your IT Team in China

This Summer, get your IT under Control!

Looks familiar? We've seen worse...

Look, we get it, business first.

Satisfying your clients, growing your team, developing your network, marketing, accounting, legal, HR...

Hey, it's a full time job and a half, it really is!

So the last thing you want is to be slowed down by IT issues.

That's were we come in.

Hi, I'm Alban Taraire.

I created NETK5 to answer a simple need: bringing the Quality IT Services in China that International companies require.

Since 2002, we help our clients, among which the members of the CCIFC like your company, in their expansion in China and Asia.

Since then, we've helped more than a hundred businesses to:

Install their network (cabling,WiFi, servers, CCTV...)

Massively improve their WiFi performance

Support their users on-site and remotely

Implement safe and reliable backup solutions

Get fast and stable Internet access to Europe and USA

All, of course, with the quality assurance processes you're used to, like documentation, ITIL incidents database and regular reporting.

We're happy to work, when needed, in coordination with your IT teams abroad.

Let's take 15 minutes for a video call and talk!

PS: You're not in charge of IT? Please forward this e-mail to the right person, a better IT is good for you too!

Alban Taraire

Alban Taraire

General Manager