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Procurement - Hardware & Software

A solid infrastructure to grow your projects
We help you purchase software, equipment, and manage vendors

So, you need new equipment? A new collaborator needs a laptop fully configured? Your new corporate application needs a server and proper backups? You want to standardize your licenses for all users? We can help!

We will talk with you about your short term and long term needs, then define the proper solution for your budget. We select the most relevant vendors and models, with nothing you don't need, and nothing you might miss.

Our primary business is service, so we see procurement as a way to make everybody's life easier. We're not here to oversell or slap crazy margins on equipment. We just want to be sure you'll be equipped with reliable equipment with decent vendor support, period. No shortcuts, no gray-market, and always at least 3 years warranty on computers, servers and critical hardware.

  • Original and genuine hardware and licenses, fully vendor-supported
  • Real VAT-invoices, recoverable if your business license allows it.
  • We can pre-install and configure equipment to your liking, and deliver fully operational solutions
  • We manage the vendors in case of defect or use of the warranty. We arrange contact, exchange, shipping, and delivery to your office.
  • We follow-up warranties, license renewal, and send you a yearly suggested plan for replacement of hardware or renewal of warranty.
  • Can you help assess our current park?
  • Our HQ asks for this model, can you find it for us?
  • Sure! We can make an inventory of your park...

    And see what's good, and what needs to be replaced or upgraded.We only suggest change when really necessary, or when we feel the improvements will be worth the upgrade for your every day business.

    We also help checking your common licenses (Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk...) and help you make sure you don't have hidden liabilities in that domain. If necessary, we'll propose changes to the IT usage policy to minimize your risks.

  • Most likely yes

    But it sometimes happens that equipment or software available in Europe or the US aren't available in China, or use a different part number.

    If that is the case, we will help find a suitable alternative, and discuss with your HQ to make sure it'll work. We have an extensive knowledge of IT equipment, and usually can find what you need. In last resort, our Hong Kong office can help finding the right part from abroad.

  • A computer seems defective, can you help?
  • Will you handle inventory for us?
  • Of course, call us!

    Any equipment purchased through us benefits from full vendor management. We'll call vendor support, run the diagnostics with them, and arrange for repair or replacement if needed.

    You don't need to worry about anything or manage many vendors, just call us and we'll take it from there.

  • Sure, we can do that!

    If you are under a Maintenance contract with us, inventory management is par of the course

    If you're not under Maintenance contract, well, you definitely should consider it :)
    But we can always find an arrangement and see how we can help you for inventory.

Still Have Questions? Contact Us!

If you can't find answers to your questions then don't hesitate to contact us directly!
  • 400 690 5218
  • sales@netk5.com.cn