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Know exactly what's in your park
IT Audits and Security

Do you know exactly what's going on in your IT park? How many computers? Licenses for what software, and how many? Which equipment is due to be replaced soon? Which are under warranty or not?

How about security? Who can access your Wi-Fi? Is the password written everywhere? Do you separate guests and staff access? Are you sure who can access what folder on your server? Are there a lot of non-professional downloading? Are people installing software right and left without oversight?

There are many reasons to get a firm grip on your IT. Performance, productivity, for sure, but also security and confidentiality of your data, liability regarding software licenses or illicit network usage, etc.

We can help by thoroughly checking your IT park, computers, servers, network equipment but also usage policies and feedback from users. We then give you a list of suggestions, ordered by priority, and discuss with you how to implement them most efficiently.


  • I'm the HQ's IT, can you tell me the situation in China?
  • Our park seems fine, but I'd like a second opinion
  • Yes! This is a common request we have

    Managing an IT park from thousands of kilometers away is doable... if you have the right information. But when a new office is setup in China, things tend to go with the flow, and soon you don't know what's going on. That's a more common story than you might think!

    Not a problem though, we're here to help! We'll tell you exactly what's what, the way you expect it.

  • Sure! We'd be happy to review your park

    Trust, but verify! This adage is never truer than for an IT park. things can get complex pretty quickly, and an oversight is always possible. And if everything is fine, knowing that it's confirmed by a second team is quite reassuring.

    We can verify specific points, or have a holistic approach and give you a general feedback.

  • We have performance issues...
  • But we're not in Shanghai or Guangzhou...
  • Yes! Audit is not limited to security

    Sometimes things are not running as you expect, and you can't figure out why. We can help you run performance tests, stress tests, analyze the logs to see if anything is out of the ordinary, and generally make an assessment of the situation.

    Web servers, file servers, network equipment, tell us about what you feel could be better, and we'll test it for you.

  • No problem! We perform Audits all over China

    While our offices are in Shanghai and Guangzhou, we can provide installations anywhere in China. We have partners in Beijing and Hong Kong, and can fly elsewhere if needed.

    We currently did projects in Chengdu, Nanjing, Tianjin, Dalian, Laibin, Hong-Kong and of course Shanghai and Guangzhou. We can dispatch an engineer to your site, and/or do some work remotely if possible.

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