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NETK5 provides a wide range of hosting solutions, from simple web hosting based on LAMP to your own server hosted in selected Data Centers. We also offer flexible virtualized solutions, giving you power, control and unbeatable value!

  • Virtual Web Hosting (VHost): a simple and cost-effective way to host your website, particularly adapted for visitors from China and Asia

  • Managed hosting (VM): your very own Virtual Machine, with all the flexibility you need to customize your web applications and complete control, down to the Operating System level. We optionally provide monitoring, backup and troubleshooting, and offer flexible upgrades to let your site grow with you.

  • Server hosting: benefit from the reliability of our selected Data Centers (large bandwidth, redundant power supply, 24/7 control) while managing your server yourself. Netk5 partners with qualified IDCs, with double connections (China Telecom & CNC) and supervises the installation and monitoring of your assets.

  • What is covered in your Hosting plans?
  • Will you monitor our critical equipment?
  • We install and support your servers' system

    We provide everything you need for a stable, performing environment. We help optimizing the system's parameters (DB, http...), we do backups, and provide support if needed.

    • We manage both Windows and Linux servers
    • We answer within one hour
    • We report on our actions
  • Yes! Our monitoring servers are up 24/7

    We can monitor a wide range of data for your critical servers or network equipment. We raise alerts or warning depending on criteria discussed with you.

    • Equipment Uptime
    • Available disk space
    • Average workload, and more!
  • We have servers in the cloud, can you manage them?
  • Can you write some code or maintain our application?
  • Yes! We can manage servers in the cloud

    We do provide our infrastructure, but if you prefer another vendor, no problem!

    We can easily manage servers on Aliyun, Amazon, Rackspace or any provider of your choice. Our monitoring and system experts are available to maintain and backup your machines on your behalf.

  • No! We are doing infrastructure, not code

    Sorry to disappoint, but no, we don't provide any programming, web-design or application maintenance services. We prefer focus on what we're good at.

    That being said, we know a lot of great web agencies and developers in China, and we'd be happy to put you in contact for your development needs!

Still Have Questions? Contact Us!

If you can't find answers to your questions then don't hesitate to contact us directly!
  • 400 690 5218
  • sales@netk5.com.cn