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Chances are, we can help!
Data recovery

So, you just lost some important files, or even your whole production hard drive? A disgruntled collaborator left, erasing all his files and e-mails?  Your server crashed and the hard disk is unreadable? We can help!

Hardware fails. Data loss happens. Files are deleted by mistake. As hard as it is to accept, it's just a fact for every computer users. It's not a question of "if" your hard disk, USB key or DVD-ROM will one day be unreadable, it's a question of "when".

If you come here because you just lost some files, we know that right now, the last thing you want is a list of meaningless acronyms and technical stuff. In these highly stressful times, here's what you need to know, what makes NETK5 Data Recovery different:

  • In most cases, your files are still here, but it takes the right tools and expertise to access them. We have the tools, we have the expertise, and we have the experience.
  • Your files are safe. Before even receiving your data-to-be-recovered, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which guarantees your files stay yours.
  • We update you at each step of the process, and present you with your available options. Data recovery is a complex thing, and some of the more complex operations can be costly. We don't start anything before your written agreement to our quotation. You can choose to keep going or stop at any moment.
  • We offer you the option to restore your data to a brand new Hard Disk, USB Key or whatever support you prefer
  • We use international class delivery services only, ensuring your data won't be lost or further damaged during transport
  • We provide you with a detailed packaging process, so you'll know how to pack your Hard Disk before sending it to us
  • Each temporary copy we make in the recovery process is destroyed with military grade erasing tool when we're finished
  • Last but not least, yes, we DO know the technical magic, even-though we're not pulling up pages upon pages of jargon. We do take care of most file systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), and, if it comes to that, we also do clean-room hardware recovery, dismantling your disk to squeeze every bit of data from your platters. Don't worry though, we won't do that unless you expressly ask us to.

  • Can you recover from any support?
  • What if our files have been encrypted by a virus?
  • Some supports are easier than others

    Data recovery depend a lot on how the data was lost. If it's a logical error (file system crash, deleted files), most supports are fine. For physical errors, where the support itself is damaged, things get much trickier.

    For physical damages, we have great results recovering files from traditional, magnetic hard drives. Supports like SSD or USB keys can sometimes be recovered, but the success rate is lower.

  • Encryption viruses are bad news...

    Modern encryption viruses use the same algorithms as used in very secure applications. If you're hit by one of these, not much can be done to recover your files, except from backup or shadow-copy.

    We can help preventing virus infection and spreading, and restore your system, but with the nastiest viruses, we and unlikely to be able to help. A good backup policy is your best friend!

  • We're using Linux/Mac, can you help?
  • What can we do to prevent this again?
  • Maybe! In many cases, we can recover your data

    However, it's not always guaranteed, depending on the file system you use, as well as the physical support. In that case, we'll analyze your situation and give you a fair assessment.

    If we don't feel we can have a good chance of success, we'll tell you, and not charge more.

  • Backups, backups, backups, and more backups

    Hardware breaks, things get lost, viruses spread, or you might push the wrong button at the wrong time... There's no end to what might happen to your precious files.

    Replacing data is often impossible. So we cannot insist enough on having a good backup policy. We can help, and you'll be glad we did!

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